German WWII Gold Diver Bombers Clasp by Osang

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German WWII Gold Diver Bombers Clasp by Osang-This is a very special offering as this badge came out of the prestigious Tim Calvert collection. Wait until you see this beauty. We hardly see badges of this quality! This desirable Luftwaffe Flying Clasp in Gold for Medium, Heavy and Dive Bombers is officially titled the “Operational Flying Clasp for Heavy, Medium and Dive Bombers” (“Kampf-und Sturzkampf-flieger”). This award was initiated In January of 1941. This gold example was awarded to any Bomber personnel (to include Dive Bombers, Transport and Glider Squadrons) who were able to complete 110 or more operational flights. Its central motif is a black finished (20% intact in the lower details) winged bomb pointing downward, surrounded by a wreath with a swastika on the bottom. On either side there is a series of oak leaves. It is produced in zinc with a gilt finish that remains fully intact on both the obverse and the reverse. The reverse has a long, slightly tapered pin with a swivel ball type hinge that is pressed into a recess in the badge. The wire catch is pressed into a semi open crimp. The maker’s motto, G.H. Osang of Dresden., is seen on the hinge side. Spectacular! This won’t last long!

History: These were instituted by order of Reichsmarshall Göring on March 31, 1942. To receive the badge, it was required you take part in three separate ground attacks in combat or combat support capacity. The member had to be either directly involved in the assault or hand to hand combat or be directly supporting such action. Members killed in action were automatically awarded the badge. Members of Assault Gun Units and Parachute Units were authorized to receive the badge, providing they met the same qualifications, but on three separate combat days. The badge takes the form of a matte silver oak leaf wreath surmounted by a Luftwaffe eagle. The center portion is a lightning bolt striking from a cloud, both darkened.