German WWII Hard Leather Dispatch Case

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German WWII Hard Leather Dispatch Case-This is a brown hard leather case, that measures 13 ½” in height, by 10” in width. This would have been carrier by a Ferrier, who was in charge of the foot care of the horses. During WWII the Germans employed more than 2 million horses during the campaign! This case has some fairly moderate scratching and scuffing on the front. There are some fairly deep scratching and discoloration on the reverse as well. There is a cardboard plate that appear to have had a maker’s name, or a soldier’s name on it, which is unreadable at this point. This plate is being held onto the flap of the bag with 8 rivets, one of these rivets is missing. Front closure leather strap and steel buckle is in place on the front. Shoulder strap is in place. Leather is a bit dry and may be softened up with some conditioning, but we’ll leave that up to you.