German WWII Horseman Award in Bronze

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German WWII Horseman Award in Bronze-This is the Deutsches Reiter-Abzeichen (German Horseman’s Badge). Instituted around May 1930 by the German National Federation for the Breeding and Testing of Thoroughbreds. The Rider’s Badge was later sanctioned as a National award. It was one of the very few badges from this era that never had any swastika appearing on it. The badge was designed by W. Heitinger. This is example has the encircled letter “R” for “Reiter” (“Rider”). The bronze class grade was awarded for achievement in equestrian sports, such as dressage, jumping and field work. This example is worn but is nicely toned. There is some discoloration in the lower details on the obverse and the reverse. This badge has a slightly bent pin and a wire catch. The reverse of the badge is marked with L. Chr. Lauer Nürnberg-Berlin and gesetzlich geschützt. Perfect for a parade dress tunic!