German WWII Kriegsmarine Mine Sweeper Badge

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German WWII Kriegsmarine Mine Sweeper Badge-This is a sound mid-war example. This one has lost the majority of the finish, though you can still see some finish in the low details of the leaves in the wreath and on the wave. It is made of zinc. The pin assembly functions properly and does retain its finish.  A sound example. 

History: Instituted on 31 August 1940 by Supreme Commander Erich Raeder. This medal was awarded to Kriegsmarine members for service on mine sweeper vessels, sub chasers or escort vessels. Some example that the award could derive from:  The candidate had completed at least three operational sorties, was wounded during an operational sortie, the ship he was sailing in an operation was sunk due to enemy action, participated in a specific sortie that proved very successful, had shown exemplary conduct in the execution of his duties over a six-month period, completed a specially dangerous mission in a mined area or served on escort duty for 25 days or more.