German WWII Luftwaffe Air Gunner Badge

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German WWII Luftwaffe Air Gunner Badge-This is an early example in tombak with a nickel silver finish that is slightly toned. There is no visible wear to the badge. The burnished finish to the eagle remains partially intact, very beautiful! There is a narrow block hinge, needle pin and question mark shaped catch. All of the hardware is also nickel silver finished tombak. The badge is unmarked. A very desirable example! 

History: The Wireless Operator/Air Gunner qualification badge was introduced by Hermann Göring on March 26th, 1936 as an award to radio operators, air gunners and mechanics who had met the required criteria. The Wireless Operator/Air Gunner badge was awarded on an individual basis and the main criteria for bestowal was the completion of five operational flights over enemy territory or a minimum of two months active service.