German WWII Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge

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German WWII Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge-This is a mid-war example made of zinc, and retains approx. 50% of its original finish. There is moderate wear to this badge, and you can see that in the wreath and eagle. The finish that remains is mostly restricted to the lightning bolt and the cloud.  The zinc on the wreath and on the reverse has darkened in some areas, so please make sure to look at the photos carefully. Pin setup, with the hinge and catch function perfectly. 

History: In late 1941 the first Luftwaffe ground combat units were hastily formed to replace the massive loss of men on the Eastern front, followed by the formation of the Brigade Meindl consisting of five Luftwaffe Field Battalions in February 1942. As a result of the formation of these ground combat units, Hermann Göring established the Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge on March 31st, 1942, as an award to all Luftwaffe personnel who had distinguished themselves in ground combat. The main criteria for this award was for being in three separate ground combat actions. Since the Luftwaffe had excessive personnel on September 17th, 1942, Göring announced the formation of the new Luftwaffe Field Divisions; this was to replace the massive loss of men on the Eastern Front. Due to lack of training and poor performance in the field, of the twenty-two divisions formed, seventeen of these were either destroyed or disbanded before the end of the war.