German WWII Luftwaffe Photo Album

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German WWII Luftwaffe Photo Album-To be honest, this is most likely a collector assembled photo album. We received this album and are unsure of its history, but It appears to be a mishmash collection of Navy and Luftwaffe photos. There is some really cool very early Weimar period along with photos from what appears to be 1934 era showing uniforms of the navy before the eagle insignia was required. Approximately 17 pages of this album are still empty. But there are approximately 47 photos included. The brown heavy stock paper is in great shape, as are the textured rice paper page protectors. The black and brown textured leatherette hardcovers are also in great shape. The front of the book shows the script “Meine Dienstzeit” and someone has applied a de-nazified eagle from a Luftwaffe badge to the front. It is actually pretty cool looking but see for yourself. Interesting book with a lot of historical photos. This is a book you wouldn’t mind adding to.