German WWII Luftwaffe Specialty Patch for Mechanized Transport

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German WWII Luftwaffe Specialty Patch for Mechanized Transport-A machine embroidered white tire with wings, on a gray backing. This is surrounded by a gold flat wire braid piping which indicates that this patch was awarded Luftwaffe personnel for one year of service in this category.

As a way of recognizing members who were specially trained in each of these technical categories, specialty patches were standardized in 1935. Soldiers were instructed to wear them on the left forearm of the Luftwaffe enlisted and NCO overcoats, parade jackets, and field tunics (officers did not wear specialty patches on their uniforms). Soldiers were issued these patches upon completion of their technical courses, after passing qualifying exams, or after they had practiced their specialty for a specific amount of time. Female auxiliary Luftwaffe members were also authorized to wear specialty patches. Interesting patch in excellent condition.