German WWII Luftwaffe Sword by E&F Hörster***STILL AVAILABLE***

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German WWII Luftwaffe Sword by E&F Hörster-This is an early nickel silver example that measures approx. 38” in length. It has never been cleaned. It retains the majority of its gold gilting in the pommel and crossguard. The blue Moroccan leather on the handle has the double twisted wire, which has some scuffs but remains 80% intact. The blue Moroccan leather on the scabbard is 95% in place. There is a curve in the leather which probably happened when the owner was getting on a bus or train. This has not affected the blade in any way shape or fashion but is a characteristic I need to identify for you. The blade is in excellent plus condition and the blue leather buffer is still in place under the crossguard. This is complete with the blue leather hanger, however, there is one break in the leather which attaches to one of the rings. Overall, let’s call this very good plus. 

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