German WWII NAZI Party Cigarette Box

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German WWII NAZI Party Cigarette Box-This is a pretty cool collectible. It is a tin box that has a soft wood liner inside of it which creates a cigarette box.  This small box measures 7 ¾ long by 4 ¾ wide. The outer part is made of a heavy tin material. It is nicely marked on the reverse for Wallace 262, with a monogram on the bottom. Wallace is a US company, but based on where this box came from, we believe a GI embellished this case for the souvenir party pin he picked up along the way. It will clean up very nicely but we have not touched it. There is a NAZI NSDAP party membership pin affixed to the front lid. The lid itself is slightly scalloped on the front edge. Again, a true conversation piece.