German WWII NAZI Party Membership Pin for Westmark (LOTHR)

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German WWII NAZI Party Membership Pin for Westmark (LOTHR)-This is the equivalent of the NSDAP enameled membership award for individuals living in the Westmark region. It has the initials D.V.G. The enamel is in good condition and the back has the correct markings, which read W.Redo Saarlautern. Pin functions perfectly. 

History: The ‘Planned` Reichsgau Westmark consisted of the areas Saarland/Rheinpfalz and CdZ-Area of Lothringen between 1940-1945. During the short period these areas were in German hands and the following laws were passed that applied directly to the people in these areas. In September of 1940, Families were forced to change their Names (first and last) into the German language.

In December of 1940 a Resettlement law was passed forcing non-Germans to leave and have their property seized and encouraging native Germans to re-occupy the area. Then in February of 1941 people in these areas were now known as “Deutsche Volkszugehörigkeit Lothringer”. In ’42 all people known as "Deutschen Volkszugehörigen" born between 1920-1924 must join the Wehrmacht. From the 23 August 1942, German Citizenship could be obtained by People of German Origin living in these areas by either joining the Wehrmacht, SS or by becoming members of the “Deutschen Volksgemeinschaft “. US Troops invade the Westmark in late ‘44. After the War this area went back into French hands. Deutschen Volksgemeinschaft Westmark (DVG) Badges were similar to those of the German NSDAP and were only made by two German Makers close to the borders of the Reichsgau Westmark, Werner Redo from Saarlautern and Fritz Mannheim from Kaiserslautern.