German WWII NSFK Pinback

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German WWII NSFK Pinback-This, as you know, is the predecessor to the Luftwaffe. Nice detail on this little pinback, it features the NSFK emblem, the figure of Icarus, modeled after a statue to an aviation pioneer in Berlin, but with a mobile swastika to its base. Marked on the reverse with Ges.Gesch.  Pin functions perfectly. We have several and the one you receive will be as good if not better than the one in the photo. 

History: Since the Treaty of Versailles officially forbade Germany from building fighter planes of any sort, the German Air Sports Association used gliders to train men still officially civilians for the future Luftwaffe. This air sports organization officially became the NSFK in 1937 and later became what we know as the Luftwaffe.