German WWII Pole Top for a Schellenbaum

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  • $ 3,000

German WWII Pole Top for a Schellenbaum-This example has had the great eagle removed but is just exquisite. This example is made of a heavy silvered nickel, and by heavy, I mean, just this piece alone weighs approx. 1 ½ pounds. The nickel is finished in a beautiful silver finish that is approx. 75% intact. Very nicely toned, especially in the lower details. The details on the ribbon and leaves of the wreath are just terrific. The swastika sits just above the leaves of the wreath.  At the top of the narrow sides of the swastika there are two fastening holes for the eagle. Below is a cylindrical attachment which is threaded which will allow it to screw onto the pole. This finial stands approx. 9 inches high and 5 ¾ inches across. This is very special and would look great on display.