German WWII Postal Service Sleeve Eagle

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German WWII Postal Service Sleeve Eagle-Choice mint example of a machine embroidered "Reichspost" sleeve eagle in a dark blue wool oval, against which is a machine woven, golden-yellow eagle. The spread wings are clutching a wreathed, mobile swastika in its talons, with, in Gothic script, "Reichspost" arching underneath it. Mint. We have a few.

History: In the Second World War the Reichspost authority spread out to the Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany. In 1941 postal codes were introduced. The Feldpost military mail organization of the Wehrmacht not only served Army, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine service members, but also SS-Verfügungstruppen, Waffen-SS and Reichsarbeitsdienst members in the field, becoming the general postal authority of the occupied territories. Deliveries were more and more affected by the advance of Allied troops from January 1945 on. The Reichspost finally ceased to function with the German Surrender on May 8.