German WWII Propeller Prop from an ME-109

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German WWII Propeller Prop from an ME-109-This is a beautiful piece from the Tim Calvert collection which we are pleased to offer. Tim as you know was a very advanced collector. This is actually the tip of the prop from a ME-109, which has been made into a fancy desk ornament. This measures approx. 17 ½” high including the base. It has been painted and lettered on one side, with the word HEINE. Which in this case, we believe is a maker of German Propellers. (thank you TW for that information)  The other side of the prop has a paper label which measures approx. 4” across by 2” high that has writing on it, indicating it is from an aerial battle taking place over the city of Hamburg in 1944.  Very distinctive war trophy!  A unique offering.