German WWII Rare SA-Standarte “Feldherrnhalle” Gorget

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German WWII Rare SA-Standarte “Feldherrnhalle” Gorget- Constructed of gilded and silvered brass, the obverse consisting of a raised and finely detailed SA style German national eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swastika. The gorget is outlined in a raised gilt border. The obverse has some scuffing. The reverse with a blue wool reverse liner has three clips securing the obverse eagle. Some tiny holes on the reverse wool. The integrated loop and prong securing the aluminum neck chain are in place, with a further prong bearing an RZM stamp and maker code “83”. The chain is intact with the alternating swastika and Maltese cross links. The chain for this gorget is not correct. The previous owner put a veteran's gorget chain on this some time ago. I left it on just for display purposes and priced it accordingly. Rare offering.