German WWII SS Senior NCO Sword by E & F Hörster***STILL AVAILABLE***

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German WWII SS Senior NCO Sword by E & F Hörster-Very sound offering with the nickel plating on the hilt retaining 95%. The plain black ribbed wooden handle appears to have been touched up at one point. It has very slight nicks but no real obvious damage. The SS runic pommel cap is in excellent condition with a deeply engraved set of SS runes with a blackened background. The scabbard paint is original black enamel and rates 95% or better. The finish on the nickel plating on the upper scabbard fitting has slight wear but overall, very sound. The blade has the traditional matte finish and rates near excellent with only slight discoloration in a few spots. This has a thick black leather washer under the crossguard. Near excellent example throughout.  

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