German WWII Sicherheits- und Hilfsdienst (SHD) Armband

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German WWII Sicherheits- und Hilfsdienst (SHD) Armband-A handsome forest green armband for Luftschutz auxiliary police. This is a great, example of a scarce armband. The (SHD) was a Luftschutz auxiliary police organization tasked with maintaining order and assisting German civilians during and after air raids in German cities and towns. This is the printed type, with the wording “Sicherheits-u. Hilfsdienst” in white Gothic lettering on a dark forest green printed background. The reverse of the armband shows the green ink as well, as the thin, dye-like ink used in the wartime printing process has soaked through the thin fabric. Sewn in the back, and in excellent condition.