German WWII Special Portraits of Josef Goebbels

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German WWII Special Portraits of Josef Goebbels-This offering features two photos of Josef Goebbels in a special display holder. The holder is a brown colored linen, that is in near excellent condition. The photos display Goebbels greeting someone and giving the Heil Hitler salute, the other photo shows him giving a speech at an event. This second photo of the speech does have some damage, you can see a small portion of the photo is damaged. These photos measure approximately 3 ¼ inches by 4 ¼ inches in size. There is a white matte that measures approximately ½ inch wide. The display measures 6 ½ inches wide by 7 ½ inches long. Each of the photos are marked and numbered on the reverse. Great display item and to be honest, we rarely get many Josef Goebbels items to offer.