German WWII Splinter Pattern Gloves

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German WWII Splinter Pattern Gloves-This is a very unusual variant. This is a pair of Wehrmacht mittens, 15.5 in. long, issued in1943. These mittens are of the splinter camouflage pattern, known as 'splittermuster', pattern. It displays various shades of green and brown with splinter lines. These are usually reversible, though we don’t believe this is the case with this pair. The white lining is a fuzzy wool material, that we think is in place for extra warmth. Each contains a string on the camouflage side for tying them together. This string is a reproduction and not original. Originally these mittens would have been part of the ‘Winteranzug' (‘winter suit') which was created in response to the harsh environment of the Eastern Front which as you know was phenomenally brutal.  These are in excellent condition.