German WWII Staff Sergeant Phillip Leland Yrigoyen of the 5th Army Air Force

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German WWII Staff Sergeant Phillip Leland Yrigoyen of the 5th Army Air Force-Just wow, this is worth looking at just to hear the story. So, this young Native American man from Phoenix, Arizona went to air school and ended up in the US Air Force. He was assigned to a B-24 Liberator. This plane was piloted by William Henry who was a good friend of Bing Crosby, and William was himself a movie extra and singer. So, he named the plane the “Crosby’s Curse”. Our young airman Yrigoyen was a crewmember on this plane which was assigned to the 5th Army Air Force (5th AF), 90th Bombardment Group (90th BG) "Jolly Rogers", 321st Bombardment Squadron (321st BS) "Bombs Away". Nicknamed "Crosby's Curse" on the right side of the nose with a musical staff, clef and musical notes. They are credited with taking down at least 24 Japanese planes. They were based in Papau New Guinea, and as you can see the photo album/scrapbook is filled with newspaper clippings detailing some of the harrowing missions. There are photos of the guys, the planes, additional plane nose art, as well as their day to day life in New Guinea etc. This book contains approx. 79 photos, some are loose. There is a red leatherette cover on this book, with the text embossed in a gold color. There is a patch representing the 5th air force affixed to the front. A few of the photo pages in this book have come loose from the binding, so please be aware that 5 pages are out of the binding.  This is a great read overall. A super piece of American history that we just don’t get to see anymore.