German WWII Trolley Car Eagle

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German WWII Trolley Car Eagle-Very specialized trolley car eagle, beautifully marked on the reverse bottom of the swastika with W.K.C. This is an extremely impressive and desirable Trolley Eagle. It measures 15 1/2 inches from wing tip to wing tip, and stands approx. 10 inches in height, and is made of aluminum. On the reverse, there are two mounting bolts remaining. There are also two screw holes (one on each wing) for mounting as well. This eagle was removed cleanly. Very desirable collectible with a special maker mark. 

History: During the war all rail transport was nationalized and organized under the German Reichsbahn. Reichsbahn rail cars were state property and included everything from the locomotives used for transporting freight, to passenger cars, street cars and trolleys. During the Third Reich the Reichsbahn adorned their locomotives and passenger rail cars with these large decorative National eagles and swastika emblems. These were made in various sizes and had a variety of finishes to suit different purposes and vehicle types. Generally, these eagles were manufactured from aluminum or zinc alloy, with integral threaded studs on the reverse that were used to affix these to the fronts of rail cars. These eagles had a striking and imposing appearance and were an iconic part of Nazi regalia. After the war, Allied denazification policies required these to be removed. Many were destroyed, though these were eagerly sought after by Allied troops hunting for souvenirs. They are extremely collectible and desirable artifacts today.