German WWII War Merit Cross 1st Class with Swords Pinback

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German WWII War Merit Cross 1st Class with Swords Pinback- Salty example with the majority of the finish missing. What remains of the finish is on the reverse, with it mostly being on the pin. This pin has moderate wear. There is a “3” stamped on the pin indicating that it was produced by the firm of indicating production by Deumer. Hinge and catch assembly intact and working fine. Salty example with nice details, and priced to sell.  

History: The War Merit Cross was instituted in October 1939, in two classes with both classes issued, with and without swords. These were awarded to military personnel and civilians, including females and foreigners, for exemplary service and/or bravery in Germany’s war effort, in a non-combatant role.  The addition of swords to the award signifies bravery while awards without swords were bestowed for service.