German WWII Wehrmacht Calvary M34 (Right Side) Saddle Bag

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German WWII Wehrmacht Calvary M34 (Right Side) Saddle Bag-Made of a very high-quality brown leather, which means this saddle bag has kept its great shape and it still pliable. The leather shows some wear and discoloration but could be cleaned and treated. All of the straps, buckles and fittings are present and accounted for. We can’t find any markings on this piece, on the buckles on the inside of the bag but it is a high-quality leather that is well used, and very nicely toned. During WWII the Germans employed more than 2 million horses. It’s always interesting to remember they were a huge resource for the German military. By 1943 the Germans were experiencing fuel and vehicle shortages which resulted in an increase in the number of horses utilized in the field. The M34 leather saddle bag (Packtasche M34/Reitergepäck) was introduced on May 7th of 34. The M34 saddlebag (right hand side bag) was designed for carrying the Cavalry trooper’s kit. The bag could also be detached from the central coupling device and the Cavalry troopers’ bag could be utilized as a backpack when the mobile troops were on foot. Seldom encountered and in good condition!