Group of Three Flags, Direct Family Acquisition

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Group of Three Flags, Direct Family Acquisition-These came to us from the grandson in law of the owner, who was a Nazi supporter who lived in Denmark. We will supply all of the information (there is a lot) about the owners to the buyer. Starting with a Third Reich party flag which is two sided and produced in red bunting that is super clean. It measures 69” by 45”. The disc is separately applied and the swastikas are printed. There is a lanyard at the hoist end. Excellent. Next is a flag of the German Empire. It is three piece, and produced in bunting and is of course red, white and black. It is excellent with minor discoloration only. There is a lanyard at the hoist end. It measures 77” by 44”. Excellent. The third flag is very interesting. It is 54” by 46” and two sided. It is produced in bunting. The large yellow circles are separately applied and cloth. The blue cloth swastikas are multi piece. We assume this is for Nazi supporters in Denmark but are not sure and have difficulty finding anything about this. It is super clean with a few small moth bites here and there. There was a lanyard at the hoist end but this was removed. A UNIQUE grouping!