Heroes In Our Midst, Vol. 2

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HEROES IN OUR MIDST, Vol. 2: Troop Carrier Command, Pathfinders, Glider Troops, The Jump Uniform-We are offering brand new, unread hand signed and numbered copies (first 500 printed) of this, the second volume of “Heroes in Our Midst” which continues the in-depth study of everything airborne-related. The Troop Carrier Command chapter outlines training and tactical operations, the aircraft used, uniforms and insignia, plus 116 Troop Carrier squadron patches. The Pathfinders are covered in similar fashion showing their uniforms and insignia, and their specialized radar, lighting and signal equipment. The massive chapter on Glider Troops covers tactical glider development and operations, plus uniforms and insignia worn by glider pilots and troops to include the evolution of garrison cap patches of all styles. All known makers of glider qualification badges and their associated trimmings are detailed in full color. The paratroopers’ Jump
Uniform is a stand-alone 160 page chapter showing numerous photos of the “balloon cloth” coverall, the M1941 and M1942 jump uniforms and their modifications, and an extensive 42 page study of jump boot evolution by manufacturer. The chapter concludes with coverage of the M1943 field combat uniform with a special emphasis on modified M1943 jump trousers. 512 pages, 1400 photos (most in color). Foreword by General (Ret) James J. Lindsay. A must read!