Hitler Youth Vocational Contest “Kreissieger 1938” Badge in Bronze by Gustav Brehmer

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Hitler Youth Vocational Contest “Kreissieger 1938” Badge in Bronze by Gustav Brehmer-This award was given to the “district winner” of the annual vocational contest in 1938 and is one of 40,000 in bronze that were awarded that year. The contest was open to 1) male manual workers age 15-18, 2) male commercial and technical apprentices age 15-21, 3) females age 15-21, 4) students, male or female, at universities, technical high schools or trade/commercial colleges, 5) had to be a member of the HJ, DAF or other Nazi organization. In 1939, there were some 3.5 million entrants, the largest of all contests. The badge came in three levels; Reichsieger for the national winner, Gausieger for the “gau” winner and Kreissieger for district winners. The competition consisted of twenty “wettkampfgruppen” (competitive sections) and included such things as practical tests in trades/skills, written tests of arithmetic or composition and (shockingly!) political theory. This handsome badge has a bronze finish that is nearly fully intact. The design features a large national eagle a wreath. The eagle is clutching the DAF cogwheel in its talons, and an enamel HJ diamond (chipped) is superimposed over the cogwheel. The disc is finished in a creamy, off-white enamel which has script that reads “KREISSIEGER 1938”. The reverse features a straight, flat pin that rotates on a rugged block hinge. The catch is round wire and affixed directly onto the badge. The name and location of the maker, “G. Brehmer Markneukirchen”, is seen on the reverse as well along with his maker mark. A handsome and desirable piece that is in very good condition!