Hitler's Generals by Richard Brett

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Hitler's Generals by Richard Brett-Smith-Published by Osprey Publishing, in 1976 this is a first edition hardcover. This hardcover book is a very interesting read. The author has produced a useful volume, covering 82 German generals (army, SS and Luftwaffe) who served under Hitler. Given that the book is only just over 300 pages long, the amount of text on each individual is pretty limited. Much of the text focuses on the generals' relationship with Hitler, particularly their involvement in the July 1944 plot. This book is illustrated with 36 portraits, as well as four maps that cover major campaigns. It contains a table, an index and bibliography. The dustcover is present and in good condition. Ther is some shelf scuffing, but overall, this is in good shape. The pages inside are clean and in good shape. Gently used.