INCREDIBLE Grouping for Commander of Signals Battalion Attached to a Panzer Division

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INCREDIBLE Grouping for Commander of Signals Battalion Attached to a Panzer Division-This massive and amazing grouping was the property of Major Johann Fritz who was a battalion commander of a signal’s unit. The signals unit was at one time attached to the 2nd as well as the 4th Panzer Division. The grouping includes his tunic, belt, buckle, visor cap and many, many documents including award documents etc. Certainly, the most unique piece in the grouping is model of a Leichter Panzerspähwagen (light armored reconnaissance vehicle) that his men presented to him. There is a wooden base for the metal model to sit on. The underside of this base is signed by a number of his men. This is accompanied by the dates 2.5.42/15.4.43. Let’s get into the documents now, as there are many! These include:

-Army Wehrpass, dated 27.5.39, with riveted picture. Born in Vienna, his date of birth was 15 April 1897. At this time, he was attached to Pz. 4.80, 1Kp. Nr. 181. He first entered the service om 15.10.1915. He was a member of an infantry regiment during the first war, but during WWII his attachments were to a signal’s unit, starting on 24.2.1939 with 1. Kompanie Nachrichtenabteilung 80. The final entry in his Wehrpass is 9.5.45, listed at “Festg.-N-Stab 22”. His Wehrpass is absolutely chuck full of active duty assignments/battles, mostly in Russia. He was actually captured on 9.5.45 in Prague by the Russians. His awards are listed on page 25 and include the Iron Cross First and Second Class, the Russian Front Medal, the General Assault badge, the WWI Cross of Honor aka “Hindenburg Cross” and many others. A great read!

-Wehrmacht Driver’s License, as seen in his Wehrpass, he was qualified for all three grades. This is dated 2.10.40 and it shows that it is for grades 2 and 3.

-Document for award of the EKI, dated 7.10.41 and signed by Generaloberst Heinz Guderian

-Document for award of the EKII, dated 5.6.40 and also signed by Guderian

-Document for award of the Black Wound Badge, dated 29.9.41 and signed by a major

-Document for award of the General Assault Badge, dated 14.5.1942 and signed by Georg-Hans Reinhardt (Oak Leaves/Swords recipient)

-Document for award of the Cross of Honor 1914-1918, dated 9-17-1939

-Post card type photo of a large RAD flag

-A five-page typed document dated 7.1940. This is an after-battle report going over what transpired during the time period of 10.5-30.5.1940 in regards to the Nachrichten-Abteilung 80. Very interesting stuff with very detailed action reporting.

-A note dated 28.6.42, addressed to Fritz, asking him to review pictures that were sent to be included in a regimental book.

-A six-page document grouping, with five typed pages and a sixth which has hand drawn details. This is another after battle report, dated 7.1940 as well, with the date range this time of 9.6.40-22.6.40.

-Ten more documents dealing with different things like battle reports, promotions, notifications and even a few personal notes.

-Two photos of Fritz.

Let’s now get to the uniform, which is of course a very high-quality private purchase example. It is produced in field grey wool that is very soft and in great condition. There is ever so slight wear and tracking in a few spots. There is a five-button closure and all buttons are field grey finished pebbled metal. There are pleated pockets with scalloped flaps. There is a dark green badge cloth collar and French cuffs. The collar tabs are matte grey bullion over dark green badge cloth with yellow litzen. They are expertly hand applied. There are sew in shoulder boards with a matte grey flat wire braid over lemon yellow badge cloth. This is for his final rank of major. The breast eagle is silver bullion with bright silver flat wire highlights over dark green wool. There are ribbons for the EKII and Russian Front medal in the buttonhole. There are loops for two awards on the left side. There are loops for a medium sized ribbon bar as well. Included is his General Assault Badge, EKI and ribbon bar (seen in a pic that is included). The interior is fully lined in green rayon. There is minor wear and discoloration from use. There is a pocket on the left side. Inside is a tailor label which has the name Hauptmann Fritz. This is dated August 1940. He first got this uniform as a captain. There is a slot for an edged weapon as well. Inside the pocket are the following items, which we believe are all his:

-another BROKEN General Assault badge, hollow example and all there

-Condor Legion Black Wound Badge

-Russian Front Medal with ribbon

-Cross of Honor 1914-1918

-WWI Prussian Veterans Cross with Swords and ribbon

-German Post WWI Commitment Cross with ribbon and swords

-WWI German Front Line Veterans Medal with ribbon

-Austria Hungary Military Merit Cross with swords and ribbon

-Franz Josef Medal for Bravery with ribbon

-WWI Austria Charles I Medal with ribbon and swords

-a silver necklace

Next up, his visor cap which is a fantastic private purchase example by eReL. It is produced in soft field grey wool that is excellent. It has even so slight wear to the top panel only with a few tiny moth nips. There is lemon yellow signals piping. The center band is dark green badge cloth. The insignia consists of a silver finished eagle, a nickel cockade with red felt bulls eye and a silver bullion wreath. The chin cord is silver bullion and it has small pebbled silver metal buttons. The visor is black vulkanfibre and remains very shiny. The underside is cream finished and cross hatched. The interior is fully lined in gold rayon. It is excellent. There is a rhomboid shaped moisture shield with the eReL nomenclature including the model, Extra (excellent quality). The sweatband is tan leather. It has minor discoloration from use and age. It is a little stiff but ii is undamaged. It is perforated at the forehead and the “eReL Stirnschutz” logo is seen on the side of the band. It is a large size, a 59 I believe. Lastly, but certainly not least, his officer double open claw wide brown leather belt. There is a zinc buckle which is missing the finish. There is also a cross strap with the two slides for the belt. Wow! This is a fantastic grouping to an officer who certainly saw a ton of action! 

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