INCREDIBLE Luftwaffe General Visor Cap by eReL

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INCREDIBLE Luftwaffe General Visor Cap by eReL-This is one rare piece! The owner’s initials are on the sweatband, “A.G.”. It is a later war example with all celleon insignia, the exception being the special vented cockade and the eye of the eagle. The body of the cap is blue grey trikot weave wool, very soft and of a high quality. There is EXTREMELY slight wear to the top panel of the cap. The back of the top panel has a few very tiny pulls. Please view our many excellent photos. The piping is also celleon. The black ribbed center band is in fine condition. The chin cord is as well. It is held in place by a pair of smooth gold finished buttons. The visor is shiny black vulkanfibre. The underside is finished in green. The interior is fully lined in soft gold rayon. There are a few tiny stains from use. The moisture shield is rhomboid shaped and fully intact. The nomenclature is missing. The sweatband is soft tan leather. It has minor wear and a few tears. It is embossed with the eReL Stirnshutz logo. As mentioned, the owner’s initials are seen in gold ink, A.G. One of my good customers (thanks Nick) did some research and found out there were only two possibilities for a Luftwaffe General with the initials A.G. One possibility is Luftwaffe General Albert Gerstenberg. Here is a link to his biography CLICK HERE and I've now included a photo of him. I'm certainly not guaranteeing this but it's an interesting premise. It is a size 57. Super scarce, desirable and in great condition!