INCREDIBLE Waffen SS Model 1943 “Totenkopf” Service Tunic with Original Documentation etc.

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INCREDIBLE Waffen SS Model 1943 “Totenkopf” Service Tunic with Original Documentation etc.-This incredible item was worn by SS-Oberscharführer Siegfried Klosterhuber while serving with 2./Pionier-Bataillon SS-Totenkopf-Division and II./SS-Totenkopf Panzer-Regiment 3. He started serving as a Pionier from the start of his military career. His ID tag shows "2./SS.T.Pi.Btl" as noted in his soldbuch which we have photocopies of most of. The picture in his soldbuch, which is shown in our photocopies, clearly shows that he is wearing this exact tunic. Many details prove that it is exactly the same tunic! View our pics to see for yourself. Klosterhuber was awarded the 1939 Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class, the General Assault Badge, the Wound Badge in silver, two Tank Destruction Badges as well as the Austria and Sudetenland Medal and a Long Service Award. This lot includes the original documents for the EKII, dated 6.7.41, the EKI, dated 17.10.1941, the General Assault badge, dated 20.12.41 and finally a promotion document dated March 1943. The Iron Cross 2nd class award document is signed by Matthias Kleinhesterkamp, who is believed to have committed suicide on 29 April 1945 whilst in Soviet captivity. Both the Iron Cross 1st Class and General Assault award documents are signed by Theodor Eicke, the ex-Dachau Commandant and one of the two men who executed Ernst Rӧhm as part of The Night of the Long Knives. Eicke died when his Fieseler Fi-156 Storch was shot down by Soviet flak during the Third Battle of Kharkov on 26 February 1943. 

The tunic was sold four decades ago by the widow of Klosterhuber to a collector. We were able to purchase it recently. The tunic is a Model 43 Waffen-SS field tunic with full insignia. The tunic is a typical "two-hole" pattern issued only to SS troops. It was period time modified by adding vertical bars to all pockets making the tunic to look like a more elegant Model 41 tunic. The tunic does not show too much wear which explains that all originally attached buttons come with nearly full factory paint. It could have been his second field tunic which didn’t get a lot of use. The slip on shoulder boards are textbook blacked piped Waffen-SS with machine-attached NCO tress. There is a zinc number "3" cypher on one board. The other cypher missing. Each has a single rank pip. There is a field compass inside the right upper pocket attached to a leather strap which is connected to the strap of the right side shoulder board. The collar tabs are hand applied. The right tab features silver bullion runes, like an officer tab, but without the piping that an officer tab would have. The rank tab has two zinc large size rank pips for an SS-Oberscharführer. Interestingly, some of the tresse is sewn over the rank tab (see pics). Apparently, Klosterhuber preferred a more elegant look of this tunic which is why he had modified it as follows:

- collar finished with dark green badge cloth was added
- he preferred a silver bullion officer's rank tab
- he preferred an officer's type of cuff title
- vertical bars added to the pockets
- shoulder pads added to the inside

All these modifications give this tunic a unique and elegant look! Of course, as an NCO it was his prerogative to modify his jacket as he pleased. What REALLY makes this tunic unique are his Tank Destruction Badges! Both were privately, period time manufactured by a tailor. Silver tresse strips were used and then black pionier piping was applied to the top and bottom. The tanks are both entirely hand-stitched. Both of these badges are period time attached by hand and show some minor corrosion. There is an officer's cuff title which is all in silver flat wire. It is original, period time attached by hand and has clear signs of wear. There are three pair of award loops to the left breast pocket. A "107" marked Wound Badge in silver is still attached. Inside the pocket are two unmarked WWII EKII’s. Another set of award loops is holding a four-place ribbon bar. The ribbon bar is well worn not really matching the condition of this tunic. It is likely that it was added after the war by him. He may have worn it with another tunic. The Iron Cross ribbon is attached by hand and in unworn condition. The sleeve eagle is a machine embroidered silvery grey over black other ranks example. It is hand applied and a bit messily. The interior is partially lined in green rayon. It has very minor wear only. There are four straps for the belt hooks and a bandage pocket.  There are ink stamps which list the sizing as well as “SS-BW”. It is a size 96 so a medium. There is one tiny moth nip to the back of the left sleeve as well as some extremely minor wear and tracking. It is really in great condition. But that is not the best part! This is about as rare a piece as you will find. View the multiple pics we have taken as well as the pics of his soldbuch and compare for yourself. There is no question that this is the exact same one he was wearing in that picture. With the addition of the documents that are included, this is a fantastic grouping!

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