Incredible WWII German Waffen SS NCO Model 1940 Tunic

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Incredible WWII German Waffen SS NCO Model 1940 Tunic-This one came to the US for the first time ever when we purchased it a short time ago. It was found in Belgium by a young boy during the war who kept it for quite some time before selling it to another Belgian who had it for 25 years before letting it go to us. Here is what he told us about it: 

 "No HARD facts pertaining to the acquisition the man made during the first years after our liberation. Only what he told me, and what people of his age confirmed. My dad is 83 now, which means he was born in 1932. His childhood friend, Roger (the "collector") was 2 years older, which puts him at around 14 in '44. I knew the man well, as he was just glad that at least SOMEONE took an interest in his "old junk" in the attic... I am talking 1980's here...You would NOT believe what he had in there. Really, EVEN in your case: you wouldn't. Well...maybe you would. Maybe I should've bought a SS officers' dagger with the chain links AND personal engraving from Himmler?  I kid you not. OMG. IF it's true what he told me (that he just got the jacket in the town of Eeklo)-and the man really did not know much about WW2 history, just wanted the goodies- this would mean he got the jacket where the actual 1st SS Pz.Div. "Leibstandarte" found itself before D-Day. Very intriguing. This I did not know when I purchased the jacket 25 years ago. I strongly suspect that the actual provenance of the jacket is with the "Leibstandarte": the division, as a whole, was resting and refitting at the Ursel (a small village next to Eeklo) airfield. It is a matter of recorded history that the division rested there, under the cover of the wooded area around the airfield. It was there as a "quick reaction force" in case of the anticipated landings in Northern France at the Pas-de-Calais...I am talking about 25 miles from where I live, and pictures exist of the Division passing through my neighborhood. No secrets there. There exists even a picture of a "Leibstandarte"'s  Pzpfw.mark 5 "Panther" passing the Eeklo town statue with a sign saying " Peiper"! ( Yes, THE Peiper)" end of story." 

Obviously this coat was a must have for us, and I am sure many of you will feel the same way, especially after you read what you just did. He even included an old Michelin map with the areas he spoke about highlighted. The coat is in wonderful condition to boot. There is the slightest hint of tracking in a few spots and an absolutely tiny hole in the left sleeve. The field gray wool is excellent otherwise, with a majority of the original nap still in place. The tunic has four pleated pockets with scalloped flaps. There is a five button closure and the buttons are all field gray finished pebbled metal. The collar has NCO tresse (correct width) at the front and lower edges of the collar. Hand applied to the collar is a machine woven runic tab (right side) and a rank tab with a single silvered metal pip (left side). The slip on shoulder straps (reattached buttons) have a black, badge cloth face with NCO tresse along all but the end. There is white piping and field gray wool on the back side. This all indicates that the wearer held the NCO rank of SS unterscharführer, equivalent to a sergeant. A real standout is the machine woven SS sleeve eagle. It is in great condition and neatly machine applied. There is a small ribbon bar pinned through the blouse which was applied by the collector who originally picked it up. There exists two other areas where he pinned awards to the left breast pocket. These are hard to see but there. The interior is partially lined in golden brown rayon which has some extremely minor discoloration only.  There is an ink stamp with maker and sizing information on the upper right closure seam. The contract for this specific tunic was in ’42 (stamped “M 42”) and it is a size large (stamped 98). Also seen is what looks like "Bac". There is a bandage pocket on the lower right as well. 

NOTE: We purchased this a few years back originally. We then sold it to a customer. The customer elected to purchase a wonderful, worn Adolf Hitler NCO cufftitle from me and then have it professionally applied. Before he did this, it was carefully examined and determined that with absolute certainty a cufftitle had originally been there. As we all know the "story" about the LAH removing their cufftitles in protest and sending them to Hitler in a "thunder jar", this is quite plausible! The replacement cufftitle was professional applied exactly where one had originally been. A fantastic piece!

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