Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack

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Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack-Report of the Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Congress of the United States (S, Con Res. 27 79th Congress) This is the softcover original 492-page report and resolution of the investigation on the attack on Pearl Harbor Dec 1941. In November of ’45 Congress started its’ first public hearings, and discussions to revisit the effects of the attack, and to prevent the same from happening in the future. This is the report that came out of those meetings. The cover softcover is a light brown color. The pages of the book are age toned but clean. The front cover of this book is fragile and comes away from the binding. It also has a name inscribed in pen on the top, and some notations in pencil that have been erased, but you can see the ghost image of it. The rest of the pages seem to be solidly bound, though the book is still fragile based on its’ age. At the back of the book, you can find the original pull out map of the Hawaiian Islands.  Overall, other than the front cover being in a fragile state, this classic report is in very good condition.