Japanese Samurai Sword***STILL AVAILABLE***

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Japanese Samurai Sword-This is a style that I have not encountered before, so if you know more than me regarding this, please fill us in on the details. The sword measures approx. 36” in length with a blade that measures approx. 24 ¼”. This is a lightweight example. It has brass fittings with a very detailed tsuba. The hilt has the standard chrysanthemum setup. The handle is beautifully wrapped with the sharkskin base under the wrapping. The menuki are present under the wrap. This sword has been taken apart at one time, but I did not take it apart again to look at any markings that were on the tang. The olive brown paint on the scabbard is approx. 75% intact. This sword does not have the locking mechanism. The blade itself has a straight temper line and is in excellent condition. This comes complete with an officer’s knot which has been on this for a long time but do not know if it is original to the piece. Perhaps this is a sleeper. 

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