Japanese WWII Full Gas Mask Set w/ Tank

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Japanese WWII Full Gas Mask Set w/ Tank-This is a complete Navy Type 93 gas mask set. This set includes the mask itself. The mask is made of a stiff rubber that does show some damage. There is a red Bakelite vent on the nose. The lenses are large, and very clear. These sit inside thick aluminum rings. All of the straps are in place. There is a green rubber hose attached to the nose vent, but this has been broken. The nose would attach to a cannister that is still present. The remaining portion of green hose is still attached to the canister. This all fits inside a khaki-colored canvas bag that is very nicely marked under the lid for “Type 93/Gas proof surface”. There is a small pocket inside which still contains the original instructions. There is also a cloth patch affixed to the reverse of the canvas bag, we think this could be the name Shimizu.  A very interesting and scarce offering.