Japanese WWII Officer’s Dispatch/Map Case w/Contents

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Japanese WWII Officer’s Dispatch/Map Case w/Contents-Made of a hard-brown leather composition, this is a larger size case. There are compartments on the exterior for pencils and or pens. The bag itself is in very sound condition, with some minor scuffing. There are initials scratched into the reverse of this case. On the inside cover of the case is Kanji in a black ink. Included inside are some correspondences, written in Japanese on rice paper. Could be a fun research project.

This is part of the Charles Spilman collection, who brought these home from the Pacific theater where he was an embedded reporter.  War Correspondent Charles H. Spilman, worked at the Providence Journal-Bulletin for over 42 years and had quite the storied career. He joined the newspapers in 1932 as a printer and became a reporter two years later. He retired in 1974. During his career there, he oversaw the reporters oversaw reporters and journalists and was instrumental in winning the newspaper its Pulitzer. It was the first time an entire newspaper staff was honored with a Pulitzer. During World War II, Spilman was a war correspondent in the Southwest Pacific and was “embedded” with the 43rd Division in the pacific, and sent dispatches home from New Guinea and the Philippines. After the war, he returned safely to Rhode Island to continue his life, and actually went back to Asia in 1967 and covered operations in Vietnam when the war was in an early phase. Charles passed away in Rhode Island in April of 1981, at the age of 70.