KdF for Halle Merseburg 1935

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KdF for Halle Merseburg 1935-This is a rare tinnie. This tinnie was manufactured in different colors and with different town names. This one is for the town of Halle Merseburg. This is an early stamped steel example that has a bronze tone, with painted details. The tinnie is quite good looking, it has some interesting details. It shows the following in a gothic script “KRAFT DURCH FREUDE NORDLANDFAHRT HALLE MERSEBURG” which translates to 'Strength Through Joy' which was the motto for the KdF.  The tone of this tinnie is very nice, and the black finish is still in place. This measures 35mm in diameter. There is a horizontal pin on the reverse that works just fine. Be aware that the pin has been glued onto the back of the at some point. The glue looks aged, so this probably occurred a long time ago, but we can’t be certain. Be sure to look at the glue on the reverse in the photos. Other than this, this is a really nice tinnie that is in great shape and would look great on display. 

History: The KdF was a German NSDAP-operated leisure organization in Nazi Germany and was developed to bridge the divide between the classes especially the middle class in Germany. They gave workers rewards for their work - evening classes, theatre trips, picnics, and even very cheap or free holidays. The purpose of the KdF was to support the Führer and thank him and to keep everyone happy after abolishing the trade unions.