Look to Germany; The Heart of Europe Hardcover

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Look to Germany; The Heart of Europe Hardcover-This book was written by American Stanley McClatchie in 1936 and first published by Adolf Hitler's photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann in 1937. Young McClatchie, a member of a wealthy and well-known Southern California family, had lived in Germany prior to the Nazi ascent to power in January 1933. Returning to Germany at the time of the Olympics in 1936, McClatchie found himself very impressed by the consolidation of political power that Hitler had engineered, and by the industrial, technical and social revolution that had taken place in Germany under the Nazis. In “Look to Germany”, McClatchie describes and depicts in 300 black & white photos, and in over 248 pages, the new Germany with which he was so impressed. He knew and wrote that this book would be seen as Nazi propaganda by many, and it certainly was. Very interesting book, and a snapshot of daily life in Germany as the NAZI’s power rose. Re-published in 2001 by USM Replica, Inc of South Dakota. This is the replica of the original English language version.