Lot of 3 Pistol Pamplets

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Lot of 3 Pistol Pamphlets-With 2 pamphlets by E.J. Hoffschmidt-Know Your Walther P.38 Pistols is a small paperback booklet that was published in January 1974 by the Blacksmith T Corp. This has 77 pages which are clean and in very good condition. Also included is the 1975 paperback copy of the Know your Walther PP & PK Pistols. Various models including P.P, P.P. K, K.P.K, P.P. Super, & T.P.H. This has 87 pages which are clean. The binding on this copy is loose, and the first couple of pages have come loose from the binder, they are in the booklet, but not attached. The last booklet is a small booklet “The "PARABELLUM" Automatic Pistol Booklet published by the Normount Technical Publications of Wickenbrg, Arizona. It is a small book with 11 illustrations and 3 tables. Dated 1974, this copy is the seventh printing. In very good condition, though there is a name stamped into the first two pages of this booklet, but otherwise very clean.