WWII German Mint, Unissued Luftwaffe "Panzer" Cap Insignia

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WWII German Mint, Unissued Luftwaffe "Panzer" Cap Insignia- Mint, Unissued Luftwaffe "Panzer" Cap Insignia -We purchased a quantity of unissued Luftwaffe cap insignia, as used on Overseas Caps and the Luftwaffe Black Panzer Model 1943 Caps (WOW!). We are now offering these for sale. These came to us in the original box, still tied together in groups of 10 with pinkish-red original string. Each one is absolutely mint! These have the National emblem machine embroidered in a silvery-grey cloth thread over a black backing. The box is printed with the wording “Hoheitszeichen für Arbeitsmützen”. These were also used for the black HBT ribbed Aircraft Mechanics Overseas Caps, as well as the Hermann Göring Panzer Division on the Overseas and Field Caps! An incredible find that would be impossible to upgrade!