Model 1915 Bavarian Wartime Officer Pickelhaube

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Model 1915 Bavarian Wartime Officer Pickelhaube-To prevent officer’s from being easily spotted with their fixed spike tops and reflective chinscales, a new model of pickelhaube specifically for officers was introduced in 1915 which also had a removable spike and metal chinscales. This example is a M1915 wartime Bavarian officer helmet.  Plate is made of very thin sheet of brass due to brass shortage during the war. The spike is secured to the spike base with a slotted bayonet fitting similar to the Mannschaften M1915 spike top.  The bayonet fitting is oxidized grey, as this part protruded through the top of the Uberzug (helmet cover) when the spike was not worn. It is missing the chinscales and the officer cockades.  The chinscales are those of the M1915 model where the rosettes are pressed into the first scale, where the rosettes would normally be.  This type of chinscales is also known as Faux chinscales.  In the field, the chinscales were removed and a standard M1891 leather chinstrap is worn. Of course, this example does not have them, they are missing. The liner with leather sweatband is a bit detached but still present. A very good example!