NAZI K.D.F. Banner

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NAZI K.D.F. Banner- This is a very intriguing two-sided political banner which was for the special organization for German workers, which had the slogan “strength through joy.” This enabled factory workers to take vacations, including cruises, and enjoy social activities with their fellow workers. This exact piece is actually a modification of a DAF banner, where one side has the hand painted rendition of the symbolism associated with the K.D.F. It measures approximately 45 ½ inches wide x 106 inches long. It is made of a red cloth material and has the large white circle which has a separately applied cogwheel, which is the symbol for the DAF. Very intriguing, as the hand painting was done only on one side, so my speculation is this would have been for mounting on a wall. Overall, the condition is very sound and this is a unique offering.