NSDAP Political Leader Gorget

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NSDAP Political Leader Gorget-This is the always popular textbook example of what collectors refer to as the second model. The body is coronet shaped. In the center is a huge stylized eagle with burnished highlights giving it a very distinguished look. The gilted plate has some discoloration and wear as observed in the photos. Please pay close attention to the trim which is a very detailed series of oak leaves. The green felt backing is mostly intact with some sporadic discoloration. The clip is RZM and maker marked M1/102 for Frank & Reif, Stuttgart. The complete chain with alternating swastikas and eagles which is also RZM marked M1/128 for Eugen Schmidhaussler of Profzheim. This chain actually has 10 extra links with plated D rings which are RZM marked M5/71. This is the code for Overhoff & Cie. A very nice example overall!