Nuremberg Eagle Desk Ornament

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Nuremberg Eagle Desk Ornament-This entire piece measures approx. 10 ½” high. The double tiered marble base makes up approx. 3 ½” of this height and the wingspan on the Nuremberg style eagle is approx. 6”. The marble base is approx. 8” across. Now you have all of the dimensions. The spectacular Nuremberg style eagle has taken on a beautiful, textured patina. However I believe if you polished it up, the nickel silver plating would not re-appear, therefore I would leave this exactly as it is. There are several liabilities to this piece as it was sold by me at one point and damaged in transit. The base of the wreath was broken from the metal base on which it sits. This has been soldered back together. A portion of the back of the wreath is missing, and I hope you see that in the photos. However, this does now show when the eagle is on display. Additionally, it was also broken at the base of the legs, right above the eagle’s talons. This has, once again, been soldered back into place. You can see the repairs and we want to be very clear on this. There is also a question related to whether or not the marble base is original. All of that being said, this still makes for a very attractive and desirable desk ornament. Overall, being sold in “as is”, you be the judge.

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