One-of-a-Kind Document to Reichsleiter Martin Borman Regarding Property Near Berghof

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One-of-a-Kind Document to Reichsleiter Martin Borman Regarding Property Near Berghof-In preparation for Hitler to use his Obersalzburg mountain retreat known as the Berghof, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann purchased many properties in the surrounding area. The closest privately owned property was known as the Freidinglehen farm and it was occupied by the Rasp family. The main building and more still exists to this day.  In 1936, following the conversion of Haus Wachenfeld to the Berghof, in accordance with Martin Bormann's plans to close off the Obersalzberg to the public, the Rasp family was moved and the farm was closed and partially razed. These documents are from Herr rasp, pleading with Reichsleiter Bormann to please speak with the Führer and ask for tax forgiveness. They read as follows:

Reichsleiter Martin Bormann

Obersalzburg near Berchtesgaden

Two years ago I sold my home on Obersalzburg, Freidinglehen, to the Fuhrer. Part of this money that I got for it at that time, I had to cede to my older siblings or their descendants because of inheritance claims. But I was only able to do this when I had paid the exact amount of the capital gains tax to be paid from the municipality of Salzburg, it was 6,200 RM. I had just enough of the rest of the money I had received for the sale of my home to the Fuhrer that I could acquire in Schonau near Berchtesgaden, the Kirngaslehen, as a new home. Some time ago, the Salzburg community came to me and wanted to take 3400.-RM from me, allegedly because too little capital gains tax was paid back then. But since I have already paid off the inheritance claims of my relatives, and on the other hand I can no longer obtain repayment of this amount from these relatives, I am forced to pay this new debt to take out a mortgage of 3,400 RM on my current new property. But now I have ceded a debt-free home to the Fuhrer. I believe that the Fuhrer does not want me to pay in such a way for the fact that the municipality of Salzburg deducted too little capital gains tax from me at that time, insofar as I have to take the debt as a mortgage on my property. Anyone who can manage the agricultural yields of such a small property as I currently do have knows that it is very difficult to get a mortgage debt out of the same.

For these reasons, I ask you, Herr Reichsleiter, to help me to be relieved of this debt of 3,400 RM, which has to be paid again and which the Salzburg community demands of me.

From the sale of my home on Obersalzberg I received:

  1. For the free loaning RM 60,000
  2. For the associated forest RM 21,500

In total: RM 81,500 Of these RM 81,500 I had to pay away for inheritance claims of my siblings and relatives:

the Betzag of 15,500 RM I also had to pay:

2,533 RM Real estate transfer tax

Value added tax 6,300 RM

3,000 RM for repairs for newly acquired property

In total: 27 233 .-- RM, so that the amount of 54 267 RM left to buy my homeland.

That would be to repair the stable again, which would also cost me 2,800 RM.

I would also like to add that most of the other sellers on Obersalzberg did not have to pay any capital gains tax because when they sold their goods it was included as a sales condition in the contract that this tax was paid by the buyer, that was the Fuhrer.

Finally, I would like to say that I am known here as one of the oldest National Socialists. I have already participated in the speaking evenings with Dietrich Eckart on the Oberalzberg and in Vorderbrand. My party number is according to membership book no. 20 072. Before the Fiihrer came to power, I had already served with the SS since it was founded and before that with the SA. Due to obsolescence, I am currently referred to the SS Stammabteilung.

Heil Hitler!

Schönau, September 1, 1938

Farmer in Kirngaßlehen Schönau b. B'gaden.”

We believe the signature is auto pen.

The third document is a special 80th birthday greeting from Hitler to Rasp, dated March 7, 1938…

“Dear Mr. Rasp!

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations on the completion of your 80th year.

I hope and wish that you continue to be granted health and well-being and a blessed old age.

With German greetings!”

We believe the Hitler signature is also autopen.

There is also an aerial view of Obersalzberg showing the Berhgof and the farm. The frame measures 28” by 22”. A great display piece!