Ortsgruppenleiter Armband

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Ortsgruppenleiter Armband-The Ortsgruppenleiter was the highest functional office title within the Orts level of political administration-but the term did NOT identify the pay grade of the person who actually filled the position. The new armband and collar tab system introduced at the end of 1938 were not correlated with each other-the armband related to “functional position” (i.e. an office title) rather than an actual rank. The individual wearing the Ortsgrupperleiter armband and filling the duties of that office would usually be in the pay grade of oberabschnittleiter-the highest pay grade at the ort level (indicated by the collar tabs), or an abschnittleiter (one pay grade lower). What’s interesting about this armband is that the manufacturer used both celleon and gold bullion piping. The brassard is made of a fine quality lightweight, smooth napped red wool with a separately applied ribbed white rayon disc and a multi piece swastika. The swastika and the disc edge are bordered with a rounded rim of golden yellow thread. There is a political leaders pip at the center of the swastika. The outer edges of the brassard are piped in a light blue ort level cord and next to this is a 2mm line of gold bullion mesh cord piping. Across the center of the brassard there is a 16mm wide stripe of woven oak leaves (in a gold lame thread), bordered on the top and bottom by two 1mm piping bands in gold bullion mesh. The red wool field (ends sewn together) has some light soiling and minor surface tracking (superficial) but otherwise is near excellent!