WWI German Presentation Imperial Hunting Cutlass by WKC *THIS IS STILL AVAILABLE CLICK HERE*

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WWI German Presentation Imperial Hunting Cutlass by WKC-This massive beauty measures a full 23.5” long. The solid brass fittings are the reasonably plain style, but the clamshell has the ribbing, as does the pommel. The curved stag handle retains all three acorns. The blade, which measures approximately 17.5”, is triple engraved with handsome hunting scenes. The obverse under the languet has the early double WKC logo. The configuration of the blade is totally different than your typical hunting cutlass, as the engraving on the back strap extends 2/3 of the way down the blade, then the width of the blade increases before it tapers to the tip. The original felt buffer is still in place under the crossguard. The leather has some chaffing, but is overall very solid. This impressive offering also includes the skinning knife, which measures approximately 8”, has stag handles and also has a very impressive double engraved blade. There is a slight bend on the tip of this blade; but wait there’s more! The reverse of the upper scabbard fitting is deeply engraved with the following, which I have translated, “The best shot 28. 7.1900 Oberjager Scheurmann”. There are some knicks in the upper scabbard fitting, but overall,  considering the size and age of this cutlass, it is in near excellent condition and a real winner!