Rare German WWII NSDMB Sleeve Shield for High Rank

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Rare German WWII NSDMB Sleeve Shield for High Rank-This is a scarce NSDMB sleeve eagle.  This is for the Navy Veterans of WWI. This has a BeVo embroidered National eagle with spread wings, a wreathed, mobile swastika in its talons, as well as a black Iron Cross to its breast, behind which is an anchor and crossed swords. This is in gold flat wire with a striking black Iron Cross this patch is very handsome. Nice toning, very slight use. Excellent condition!  

History: The NSDMB, "National Sozialistische Deutscher Marine Bund" (National Socialist German Navy League), was the new name, adopted by its members in 1935, for the earlier "Bund Deutscher Marine Vereine" (League [of the] German Navy Association). In 1938 it was attached to the NS-RKB, "Nationalsozialistische-Reichskriegerbund," who introduced a new pattern national eagle for wear on the breast and visor cap, which was almost identical to the earlier "Soldatenbund" (Soldiers’-league) eagle. The NSDMB came under the control of the "Kriegsmarine" (Navy) in 1943.