SA Tinnie for “1. Wintersport-Treffen”

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This is a nickel/ silver (moderate wear) finished, pressed metal tinnie that is rectangular in shape. It measures 1.5” by 2” (3.8cm x 5.08cm). The top right corner features a swastika with sun rays emanating from it, with a ski jumper in flight. Below this is the inscription “1. Wintersport-Treffen der SA-Gruppe Thüringen 13.u.14.1.1934 Zella-Mehlis-Oberschönau”. The bottom of the tinnie features the logo of the SA. The town of Zella-Mehlis (in Thüringen) was the home to the original Walther Arms plant. There is a vertical pin soldered to the reverse. There is some minor bending of the tinnie seen on the bottom. An above average example!