SS-VT Pony Fur Backpack

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SS-VT Pony Fur Backpack-This is in the model of 1934, with the large attached shoulder straps of dark brown leather. They show a bit of wear and age but are fully intact. We believe they are vintage replacements as there is evidence on the pony fur side that it was opened up and repaired. One of the small straps at the end of the main strap has a vintage repair that I think is really cool looking to be honest. All of their buckles and rings are present. The main reinforcements are dark brown leather. There is some minor wear and discoloration. The top reinforcement is stamped RZM L4 2609/38 followed by encircled SS runes. The body of the pack is light field grey heavy cloth. There is minor wear and discoloration from use. All of the other straps/buckles/hooks are present and in fine condition. The pony fur flap has slight wear in a few spots but is in overall fine condition. As mentioned, there is evidence of it being opened up to replace the straps a long time ago. The interior flaps are in the same light field grey heavy cloth as the exterior. The interior linings are fark blue heavy cloth.  All of the straps and buckles are present as well. Good condition overall!